Along Came A Spider…And A Book!

A few days ago, Thing 3 was driving my car and Thing 4 was with her. Like most people (me included), Thing 3 has a major case of arachniphobia. Unlike me, however, she didn’t think to keep her cool while she was driving when a tiny, little white spider landed on the steering wheel.

Chaos ensued.

Thing 4 tried to get the spider, while Thing 3 screamed, freaked out, jerked the wheel and slammed the front passenger tire into the curb, causing the rear of the car to slide and slam into the curb again.Luckily, she jerked the wheel to the right rather than the left which would’ve put her into oncoming traffic. Both girls were fine though a bit shaken.

Three holes were ripped in the front tire, while the rear tire had two almost-holes and a deep scratch. Both rims were scratched up but otherwise okay.

The cost? About $250…because of a spider. A tiny, little white spider.

So what does a spider have to do with a book? Well, read Blood Promise and you’ll get pulled into the intricate web of the world of Tora…and you may never want to leave. (Cue evil laugh, hahahahaha.)  If you like your books sexy and steamy, a little dark with a dash of horror thrown in, then hopefully you’ll love Blood Promise.  “What a fantastic book, Great story line, Hope Tora’s adventures continue, Just loved Ryk, hope he turns out to be Tora’s hero.” – reader 5-star review.

With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive.

Blood Promise is available pretty much everywhere, including Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, 24 Symbols,Inkera, Playster, and Google Play.

You can also get the first three chapters at Instafreebie if you’d like a sample first before you buy.

Have you been pulled into the web yet? You know you want to. Just let go, relax, and read….




Beware The Bread-Wielding Gunman

True story…

My mother was recently getting her hair done–it was just her and the salon owner in the building–and in came a man wielding a machine gun, telling them this was a robbery and he was going to kill them!  Needless to say, my mother was extremely frightened and was just sure her life was over.

Then, she got a good look at the gun…

The guy was holding a loaf of bread–a long baguette–like a machine gun!

The shop owner yelled at the guy to get out of her shop, and he immediately left!

Can you believe that? My mother was held up by a guy with a freakin’ loaf of bread!  Luckily, it was only a loaf of bread and not a real gun.

Needless to say, this story is somehow going to end up in one of my books, LOL.



Yard Sale Days

Image result for yard sale

Today we’re having a yard sale, and I’m wondering…should I put my business cards out too? Tell people I’m also a Tarot card reader? Thing 3 thought no…”It’s a yard sale, mom. No. Just…no.”

-le sigh-

What do you think?

Bring Your Own Hygiene Products

First of all, a bit of background about that title…

My older daughter, Thing 3, is turning 18 in July. She designed her own birthday invites and unfortunately added that title in the “What to bring” section of her invite. I about died laughing. I mean, really? What 17- or 18-year-old girl isn’t going to bring along her own hygiene products? Oh, gawd.

Thankfully her younger sister, Thing 4, saved the day by redesigning her invites. You see, Thing 4 is a whiz when it comes to all things Photoshop and design. By the way, Thing 4 is a photographer and artist, is the owner and CEO of her own photography company, and she’s only 15. She is one talented little stinker.


And The Birthday Shenanigans Begin…

Thing 2’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday.  She turns 17…not sure where the time went.  Yesterday her and I went out to the mall, and I ended up letting her get a tattoo.

I can hear it already. Oh my gawd! What parent lets their minor child get a tattoo?

Hold on to your underpants. It’s not permanent. Even though she’s begged me to let her get an actual tattoo, I’ve told her repeatedly she’s simply going to have to wait until she’s 18. This way, when she’s older and possibly decides she doesn’t like it, she only has herself to blame for it. Not that I have anything against tattoos. Heck, I’ve got one myself. But, seeing as how a tattoo is a lifelong commitment…well… she needs to be old enough to make that commitment on her own.

So, here she is, getting a henna tattoo.

Bri getting henna tattoo

And the finished product:

Bri's tattoo

Tuesday her boyfriend is taking her out to dinner.  I believe Wednesday she’ll be with her dad. Thursday I’ll take her out, and then Friday I’m taking her, Thing 3, and my niece to Chicago for the day. Then on Saturday, I believe her grandmother is taking her shopping.

Whew! Let’s hear it for week-long birthday celebrations!

Anita Dee II Chicago

So…over the weekend my friend, Michelle, and I went to Chicago. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Wacker Drive. The room was great, the beds were comfy, and service was superb. We had a room with a street view and barely heard traffic go by.  We parked at a Panda parking garage and got parking for $25 for 24 hours which I thought was pretty good for Chicago. It was only about a 10-minute walk, if that, from the parking garage to the hotel.

We found a cute little outdoor café on the Riverwalk called Cyrano’s, and our waiter was hot! He had this Italian accent and if Michelle could’ve taken off with him, she probably would have. She ordered a chicken salad, and I had some type of quiche, don’t remember what kind exactly, but both were good.

Afterwards we meandered our way to the harbor for the night’s festivities…a yacht party on the Anita Dee II.

Anita Dee II

Here we are, waiting to board.

me and michelle

And then, partay!!

crowd on boat   Navy pier  chicago cares

We had a blast, got drunk (the bartender was making the drinks STRONG!!), danced with some young 20-something hotties from Canada who were celebrating their friend’s bachelor party  and thought I was waaayyy younger than what I really am -snerk- and somehow Michelle and I managed to get our drunk asses back to the hotel without getting kidnapped or raped. I do recall Michelle petting some guy’s hair in the hotel elevator…that’s how drunk we were. We were petting random strangers’ hair. And I think Michelle is now in a bunch of strangers’ Facebook pages since she was photobombing everyone on the yacht.

Oh, and I forgot to mention Metrosexual Man who apparently had a thing for Michelle…

Good times, good times. We’re planning on going again in a few months. Who’s with us?

Holy Shit. A Full Freakin’ Year?!

I realized my last post was in August of last year! I went over a year since my last post! Damn.

I have no excuse.

Okay, now I’m going to list all of my excuses. -snerk-

Most of it has to do with Thing 3’s health issues. They haven’t gotten better but worse. In fact, I’m now working full-time from home because I was having to take her to the doctor so much, the hospital decided to let me work from home. They gave me a laptop and the rest is history.

Last July she was diagnosed with pain amplification syndrome and hyperflexibility and told to do intense physical therapy. She started the physical therapy and…got worse. In fact, exercising seemed to bring on a fever, more body aches, sore throat…and then, she actually passed out during one of her sessions. Since then, she’s been going to the Chicago Children’s Hospital’s pain clinic, which they no longer think she has the pain amplification syndrome but autonomic dysfunction, Ehlers- Danlos syndrome, and POTS disease. Next month she goes to more specialists to see if she has those conditions, and if so, then it’s on to Mayo Clinic for a few weeks to figure out exactly what type of autonomic dysfunction, what kind of exercises she can do, and what foods she can eat. Her condition has worsened quite a bit since a year ago, and now simply standing for 20 minutes to bake a cake is almost too much for her to do. Her body seems to be set on a setting of pain, so she’s in constant pain–it never lets up. A good day for her is a pain rating of 6. A bad day for her is to be in such excruciating pain that simply touching her makes her scream. The last time that happened she had been swimming for an hour and apparently it sent her body into such a mess that she was pretty much comatose for five days.

In the meantime, I’ve been working odd hours, taking her to school when she can go, and trying to keep up with housework, yard work, and writing. Last year she tried going to school for 4 hours a day, but that got to be too much so that she ended up missing six weeks straight. For second semester, she went three days a week for an hour each time with one-on-one sessions with a teacher.

This year the school started up a new blended learning which is a combined online/onsite schooling. Some kids do all of their schooling online, others might only do a class or two online and do the rest of their schooling in the classroom. She goes in when she can, but she does most of her schooling at home online. It’s great because she gets to be around other kids who are doing the same program, and when she needs extra help, she can go in and a teacher is there to help her. The classroom is pretty cool too. There are lounge chairs with tables, a high table with barstools, and a worktable with chairs and desktops. There are laptops for the kids to use and a fridge for drinks, lunches and snacks, or the kids have the option to eat lunch with their grade.

Other than that, I’m working on revising my query letter. Mine is pretty good, but I’m sure I can make it better. I feel like I’ve been working on this book for forever and I just want it done!

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