Darkness Combined With Passion Equals…Dark Passion

I had been struggling to write Blood Ties, the second book in the Blood Promise series. I kind of knew the direction I wanted it to go in, but it just wasn’t going, and I finally figured out why. The underlying theme of this book is passion, and I’ve come to realize passion can be both good and bad. I knew that, but I hadn’t considered that in my writing. Normally, when someone has passion for a cause, it’s a good cause…but is a self-serving passion to get what one wants and not give a damn about who it hurts in the process a good cause? No, of course not. And that’s where the problem was.

I was trying to make Blaedrykn a good guy, but he really doesn’t want to be one…like ever…he likes his black heart and he wants to keep things that way. I was trying to give him some redeeming qualities, but at this point he simply doesn’t have any. He’s the bad guy, and as far as I know he’s always going to be the bad guy, and he’s just going to get worse. He has no qualms about using Tora as his pawn or how it screws her mentally. He just doesn’t care. His passion is for his personal cause and is very self-serving.

Tora is a very emotional person and so acts and reacts to situations based on how she feels. Because she’s entangled with a daemon who has no empathy whatsoever and has no qualms about using her in ways that defy human nature, he’s going to put her in a bad place. This book has a much edgier tone right from the very first page. Yes, the humor is still there, and the heat is still there, but the overall feel is darker. I haven’t written those parts yet, but I know they’re coming, and when they do, I’m going to have to mentally brace myself to not only show the passion that Tora has for doing what’s right, but also the passion that Blaedrykn has for doing what’s wrong (although in his mind, it’s right) as well, all the while trying to convince Tora that his way is the right way after all.

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Bring Your Own Hygiene Products

First of all, a bit of background about that title…

My older daughter, Thing 3, is turning 18 in July. She designed her own birthday invites and unfortunately added that title in the “What to bring” section of her invite. I about died laughing. I mean, really? What 17- or 18-year-old girl isn’t going to bring along her own hygiene products? Oh, gawd.

Thankfully her younger sister, Thing 4, saved the day by redesigning her invites. You see, Thing 4 is a whiz when it comes to all things Photoshop and design. By the way, Thing 4 is a photographer and artist, is the owner and CEO of her own photography company, and she’s only 15. She is one talented little stinker.


Tantric Writing

So…I’ve begun to study tantra, which the concept of tantra isn’t just about great sex but about creating intimacy, healing past hurts, and using sexual energy to be productive and successful in society.  I realized that as writers, our goal is to connect with a reader so that whatever message we’re trying to convey gets across, thus, what I call Tantric Writing. I don’t know if that’s a true writing concept or a term someone else is already using, but it’s what I’m calling it.

I think a better way to describe this would be to create intimacy between you and the reader. How can you enter the reader’s mind and create an intimate bond? That’s where true creativity lies and where a reader really connects and feels s/he has learned something from your writing.

The question is, how do you create intimacy from you to your reader? While the answer is simple, the execution is very, very hard. Intimacy is created through our vulnerabilities and revealing our souls–our past hurts, our joys, our sorrows, and everything in between. We have to reveal our true selves in our writing–put ourselves in our writing, our experiences, our dreams, our hearts–creating intimacy and a connection the reader will never forget.

Looking back at my early drafts of Blood Promise, I can see that it took a while for me to build intimacy and to put myself in the book. I was hurting a lot–I’d just went through a divorce–but wasn’t yet ready to let go of the pain and so I held it very close to me. Something I’ve learned from tantra though is that when we hold onto pain, we’re simply reliving the event over and over again and become a prisoner to it. It took me about five years before I was ready to let go of the pain, and that’s when I really put myself in my work. You can see it now in Blood Promise–I reveal my soul for the world to see. But isn’t that what every great artist does, whether it’s music, painting, drawing, writing, poetry–you name it–the truly greats pour out their hearts and show their vulnerabilities and create intimacy and a connection we never forget.

One fact about Blood Promise–my father died of ALS while I was writing the book. I wrote a poem for his funeral, and that poem is now immortalized forever in Blood Promise.

If you want to read Blood Promise and connect with me, you can get it free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it from Amazon.

With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive.

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How Did That Get In There?

I ordered a second proof copy of Blood Promise, and I’m noticing extra words here and there that mysteriously got inserted into the book that weren’t there before, words that mess up the sentence. I hate it when I’m reading a book and suddenly there’s a word either missing or a random word inserted that doesn’t make any sense, and now I’m finding it in my book! Grrr….

I have a feeling it’s my Word program. For some strange reason, sometimes the cursor jumps around the page, typing or deleting where I didn’t want it to, so I’m guessing that’s what happened here.

So now, I’m going through with a fine-tooth comb, making sure it’s perfect before I release the paperback and fix the corrections in the ebook.

What’s In Your Bookmark List?

One of the things in my list is from Thesaurus.com for “perturbed.” Seeing as how Tora is perturbed quite a bit, I guess I wanted different ways of expressing that.

What’s in your list?

A Great Mix of Humor, Action, & Horror

If you like your urban fantasy dark, steamy, with a bit of mythology thrown in along with a strong (albeit snarky) protagonist,  then hopefully you’ll love Blood Promise. Keep reading for a little excerpt. Tora is that kick-ass type of girl whose Achille’s heel is empathy and compassion.

Wait, what? How does empathy and compassion make one weak? Well, in Tora’s case, she doesn’t really like killing people (which is good); but, considering what she is, she’s going to be expected to kill people (which is bad). Her empathy and compassion can also be used against her to make her do things she doesn’t really want to do (again, which is also bad).

You’ll just have to read it to find out who Tora is and what kinds of trials she’s up against…and the snarkiness…hopefully you love her snarkiness.

The Amazon Giveaway is still going strong! If you’d rather buy it than wait to see if you win, you can get it at all Amazon sites worldwide and at B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Inkterra, and 24 Symbols. And, you can also get a free short story, Katja’s Curse, by signing up for my newsletter at tonyakerrigannewsletter@gmail.com.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for! The whole reason why you’ve read this far! -snerk.-  THE EXCERPT. Keep scrolling below the pics!


After a few seconds, I realized it wasn’t a person who attacked me, but something other. It wasn’t the ripped jeans, hi-tops, light jacket or even the veil which completely covered its face that tipped me off; it was the way it panted, ragged and inhuman, almost beastlike. It stalked to me, no doubt to deliver the killing blow.

Ooohhh…what happens next??? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

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